We work hard towards our clients’ success offering integrated solutions in:

  • pumping equipment;
  • compressor equipment;
  • oil & gas extraction transportation and processing;
  • water supply, treatment and cleaning systems.


  • Russian pumping equipment market leader and one of key players in the specific equipment production and in the oil & gas and other industries’ infrastructure construction;
  • Stable business growth by offering a wide product range and integrated solutions based on understanding clients demands in oil & gas, power industry and water & utilities;
  • Concentration and development of the best productive, project, engineering and managerial resources in order to create the most competitive products and solutions;
  • Active presence in the dynamic international markets;
  • Efficient company’s organization and management as a diversified multi-sector enterprise with up-to-date managerial approach;

Company values

  • Company’s core value and success is in the long-term partnership with clients and suppliers;
  • We are focused on development and growth to gain and keep leadership in strategic markets;
  • HMS Group consistently improves the produced equipment and solutions to provide our clients with the maximum economic benefits;
  • Strict following the ethic code in respect to all stakeholders is an unconditional feature of the Group;
  • We contribute to lowering the impact on environment by applying superior technical solutions and high manufacture quality of equipment.