HMS Group has developed and supplied backup oil pumping stations for the pipeline East Siberia-Pacific Ocean – 1 (ESPO-1) 06.04.2010

HMS Group has developed and supplied backup oil pumping stations for the pipeline East Siberia-Pacific Ocean – 1 (ESPO-1)

Enterprises of HMS Group JSC (HYDROMASHSERVICE JSC, Neftemash JSC, NPO Hydromash JSC) together with NG-Energo JSC  (Saint-Petersburg)  have successfully implemented the project for installation of backup oil pumping stations with the direct diesel-engine drive at the Oil Pumping Station No14 (the town of Olekminsk) and Oil Pumping Station No17 (the twon of Aldan) of phase one of the oil pipeline system ESPO under the order of AK “Transneft” JSC. At the moment, the entire scope of works has been completed: equipment design, manufacture, and supply, installation supervision, commissioning and startup. The backup stations have been assembled and prepared for start-up operations.

Complexity of the project lies in application of heavy-duty diesel engines – 2200 h. p. - for direct drive of pumps of NM 500-560 category (manufactured by NPO Hydromash). Engines Cummins QSK60 supplied by NG-Energo were used as diesel-engine drives. In order to fulfill the customer’s requirements, a number of research-and-development and experimental works were performed, including adaptation of engines Cumming QSK60 for direct pump drive as well as pumps’ development.

The project has been implemented with the shortest terms possible – within one year, starting from the issue of general technical requirements by AK “Transneft” and ending with performance of acceptance tests.

Advantages of backup oil pumping stations developed in cooperation with specialists from HMS Group and NG-Energo include complete stations’ independence, high performance coefficient, simplicity of operation, and high degree of mobility. Each module of a pumping unit is easily transported until its installation at any section of the pipeline and can function independently. Control over the complex’ operation is maintained from the operator’s automated work station.

Backup oil pumping stations work on diesel fuel. The stations’ internal power supply is delivered by means of their own low-power diesel generators. Each complex includes: 4 container blocks of pumping units, operator’s room module, fuel preparation system module, and station service unit module.

Backup stations are designated for creating the reserve for the capacities being pumped through as well as for preventing emergency situations in case of power supply disruption.

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