HMS Group invests in R&D

HMS Group has purchased a 32-nuclear cluster, which accelerated the calculations performed by the Group's engineers using the ANSYS CFX software complex by 15-20 times. This provides the possibility to perform calculations to achieve more precise pumps models as well as simulate processes taking place in the fluid flow to a greater level of detail when designing the liquid end of a pump.

The modern high-precision calculation methods improve the pumps’ hydraulic characteristics and significantly reduce or completely eliminate the performance of expensive physical experiments and production of a large number of test samples.

High qualifications and experience of HMS Group’s R&D specialists along with cutting-edge computer technologies allow creating reliable, energy-efficient, pumping equipment with high performance coefficient, conforming to requirements of the Russian and foreign customers, under tight schedule.

The latest developments made by the Group’s engineers using the ANSYS CFX software complex include:

·      Modernization of the liquid end


-    for the pump 12NDs designated for fire-fighting systems, to be delivered to the Vankorskoye Oil Field;


-    for centrifugal borehole pumps EСV for water (EСV 8-40, EСV 8-25, EСV 10-65, EСV 10-120, EСV 10-160, EСV 10-200).


·      Development of design documentation for mainline oil pumps for pipelines ESPO-1 and ESPO-2.


·      Creation of liquid ends:

-    for pumps designated for reservoir pressure maintenance systems of the type СNS 200-2100, СNS 315-1900, СNS 200-2200, and the two-level liquid end of the pump upgrade set for СNS 180;

-    for the feed pump PTN 1150-350 for Therman Power Plants units for 250-300 MW; 

-    for the feed pump PE 720-185-4 at the Khoronorskaya State District Power Plant; 

-    for the feed pumps PA1840-80 designated for pressurized water reactor units VVER 1200 at nuclear power plants; 

-    for a reversible discharge pump designated for a new-generation ice breaker ship. 


Reference: the ANSYS CFX software complex was developed by the company Ansys, Inc. (USA), one of the leaders in the sphere of modern CAE technologies (САЕ – computer-aided engineering). ANSYS CFX is used for calculations in a wide range of tasks in computational fluid dynamics. In particular, it is used to simulate single-phase and multiphase flows (containing combinations of the gas, fluid, and solid phase) in turbine machines (multistage compressors, turbines, pumps). Technical support of the software complex is provided by the official representative of ANSYS, Inc. in Russia, LLC "Delcam-Ural",

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