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Presentation of new equipment and solutions of HMS Group in GUP "Ufavodokanal"(State Unitary Enterprise Ufa Water Treatment Plant)

On July 29, 2010 GUP "Ufavodokanal" presented new equipment and solutions of HMS Group. The participants of the event included senior managers of all technical services of the water treatment plant.

Specialists of Hydromashservice JSC and Livhydromash JSC presented a wide range of pumps for water supply and water disposal systems as well as capacities of the Group as a supplier of integrated solutions. They pointed out the priority objectives of the Group, which include:


· development of energy efficient pumping equipment,


· correct selection of pumps for optimal operation of the customer's hydraulic systems,


· fulfillment of integrated tasks ranging from designing water facilities and providing them with the required equipment to turnkey construction and maintenance of ready facilities.


The presentation covered the following new developments of HMS Group:


· Electric-driven borehole water pump units of the new series 3EСV. The pump units are equipped with pumps which have improved energy characteristics and airproof glycerin-filled engines of DAP series with improved sand protection and increased capacity.


· Centrifugal double-entry pumps of type D with increased energy efficiency. To reduce energy consumption, the pumps of type D are equipped with replaceable rotors, which enable both cutting impellers and adjusting the pump settings to the network features. These improvements can be made by the customer to previously installed pumps. At the customer's request, the working cavities will be covered with wear-resistant water-repellent coatings, which also reduces energy consumption, increases performance coefficient by 2-3% and extends service life.


· Automatic water-booster systems (AUPD). Specialist of Research and Development Center Livhydromash JSC calculation the system parameters on a case-by-case basis. This helps to minimize energy consumption with the set operation modes.


GUP “Ufavodokanal” is one of the key customers of HMS Group. Pumping equipment has been supplied to this production facility for more than 15 years. After the presentation, the representatives of Ufavodokanal expressed their interest in continuing and further developing the cooperation with HMS Group.

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