HMS Group will take part in the international exhibition Oil & Gas / KIOGE 2010 (Almaty, October 6-9)

HMS Group will participate in the 18th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition KIOGE-2010, which will take place on October 6-9, in Almaty, at the International Exhibition Center Atakent. Company’s showcase No B-14, pavilion 9B.


At the Group’s consolidated booth representatives from the trading company Hydromashservice, plants HMS Pumps (known as Livgidromash before 26.08.2010), HMS Neftemash (known as Neftemash before 26.08.2010), and Sibnefteavtomatika will work.


At the exhibition information will be presented on the wide range of equipment manufactured by HMS Group for the oil and gas industry, as well as on its new developments and solutions, including:


·      Single-screw pumps of N1V type and electric pump aggregates based on them (HMS Pumps) designated for stock oil pumping from drain vessels to the main pipeline. Pump pressure – up to 10 MPa, capacity – 9 m3/h.


·      Multiphase pumps A5 2VV 320/25 (HMS Pumps) capable of pumping fluids in with the wide viscosity range, including oily mixtures with up to 90% gas content. Pump parameters: delivery flow – 320 m3/h at the discharge pressure 3.8 MPa.

·      Measurement complex IK SVG.M3 for controlling the gas condensate wells flow rate (Sibnefteavtomatika) designated for metering the flow rate and amounts of products extracted from the well without prior separation.


·      Gas discharge sensor DRG.M in the new modification with extended functions (Sibnefteavtomatika). As compared to its counterparts with similar designation, the new discharge sensor DRG.M is characterized by the smaller size and weight (almost 3-5 times less than that of its counterparts). 


HMS Group’s enterprises have extensive experience of successful work in the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan. For example, HMS Neftemash is currently implementing several large-scale projects in Kazakhstan, including modernization of the water injection station at the Karakuduk Field for LLP “KarakudukMunay”, supply of complete water injection stations (with six and seven pumping aggregates) for the “Ozenmunaygaz”, etc.

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