HMS Group has presented new equipment and solutions to Krasnodar Vodokanal LLC

On November 11, 2010, at Krasnodar Vodokanal LLC, one of the main operating companies of Rosvodokanal Group, presentation of new equipment and solutions by HMS Group designated for the water industry took place. The event was attended by top managers and specialists from almost all technical services of the water treatment plant. 

Specialists of the members of HMS Group, Hydromashservice and HMS Pumps (before 26.08.2010 known as Livgidromash), introduced a wide range of pumps designated for water supply systems and water drainage and also presented the Group’s new developments: 

·      Borehole electric pump units for water of the new 3ECV series. The aggregates are equipped with pumps having improved hydraulic and output characteristics as well as airtight glycerol-filled motors of DAP series with improved sand protection and increased operating life. 

·      Double-entry centrifugal pumps of type D with improved energy efficiency. In order to reduce power consumption the pumps of type D are fitted with replaceable rotors, which allows adjusting pump parameters to the network characteristics along with impellers' trimming. The customer can perform these adjustments independently on the previously installed pumps. At the customer’s request working cavities are covered with wear-resistant water-repellent polymer coatings, which also reduces power consumption, improves the performance coefficient by 2-3%, and increases the operating life. 

·      Automatic water booster systems (AWBS). Specialists of the R&D Center of HMS Pumps (known as Livgidromash before 26.08.2010) calculate installation parameters for each order individually. This leads to the minimal power consumption in the established operating modes. 

Priority goals of the Group were also established at the presentation, including:  

·      development of energy efficient pumping equipment; 

·      ensurance of the correct selection of pumps of optimum operation of the customer’s hydraulic systems; 

·      fulfillment of complex tasks, starting from water industry objects design, their fitting with the necessary equipment, and ending with the turnkey delivery of finished objects and their maintenance. 

HMS Group and Krasnodar Vodokanal LLC have many years’ experience of cooperation. In particular, over 300 submerged pumps operated by the enterprise were manufactured by HMS Group. Based on the presentation results, its participants expressed their interest in development of future cooperation.

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