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HMS Group to produce and supply arctic block-boxes for Baker Hughes frequency converters

Nizhnevartovskremservice JSC, a company of HMS Group, has won the bid of Baker Hughes oil-service company for production and supply of 53 arctic block-boxes PChP 4000 and PChP 8000 (ПЧП 4000 and ПЧП 8000) for frequency converters of electric submersible units for oil production. Arctic block-boxes are enclosures designed for establishing comport conditions for technical stuff within performance of scheduled work and protection of frequency converters from adverse environmental effect in the far north.

Baker Hughes is planning to use Nizhnevartovskremservice block boxes for installation of frequency converters included in the complex of electrical submersible units, supplied for Rosneft Oil Company. According to bid conditions the experts from Nizhnevartovskremservice shall ensure the installation and connection of Baker Hughes power electric equipment directly in the oil field.

This project is characterized by tight delivery schedule due to short navigation period required for supply of the equipment.

Block boxes for frequency converters produced by  Nizhnevartovskremservice are technically equipped with lighting heating and conditioning  facilities. Efficient conditioning of the enclosure is of high importance due to heating of frequency converters during its operation. The enclosure of Nizhnevartovskremservice block boxes is conditioned by means of standard ventilation windows with jalousie, removable technical windows used for additional conditioning or during repair and maintenance and opening roof equipped with lifting device that can be easily activated by one person. In addition to supply the block boxes shall be equipped with Buran fire fighting system.

HMS Group has stable partner relationships with Baker Hughes. Since 2008 Nizhnevartovskremservice has supplied more than 200 block-boxes for frequency converters and has installed electrical equipment for such block boxes. The Contract for provision of services for mechanical processing of parts and production of spare parts at Baker Hughes  production site located in Vankor field.

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