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New metering solution of SIBNA for gas condensate wells is already in production

Sibnefteavtomatika JSC (SIBNA JSC), a subsidiary of HMS Group, has delivered the first production prototype of the new SVG.MZ multiphase metering unit for gas and gas condensate control and metering at gas condensate wells. The prototype  will be delivered to the oilfield for production tests.

The key advantage of the new SIBNA product is its non-separating metering system. This method is free of drawbacks associated with traditional separating flow meters, while at the same time the new SVG.MZ metering unit costs less thanks to lesser metal and smaller dimensions, and demonstrates advanced metrologic features.

New SVG.MZ metering unit includes a metering  pipe with a gas flow meter, a pressure meter, a temperature meter, a density meter and a calculating unit (controller).  SVG.MZ metering unit is designed for excess pressures up to 16.0 MPa and temperatures from -40°С to + 100 °С. Its volumetric debit metering error for gas condensate is less than ±2,5 %; and weight metering error for stable condensate with known composition is between ±6.0 % and ±10.0 %.

Gas volumetric debit and condensate weight metering methods for gas condensate wells used in SVG.MZ metering unit are certified by FGUP VNIIR.

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