HMS Group completes an acquisition of Apollo Goessnitz GmbH

Moscow, Russia – August 9, 2012 – HMS Group (LSE: HMSG), the leading pump manufacturer and provider of flow control solutions and related services in Russia and the CIS, announces it has closed on the acquisition of Apollo Goessnitz GmbH and received a full title on 75% of its share capital. Apollo Goessnitz GmbH is the worldwide operating manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and system equipment, located in Goessnitz (Thuringia), Germany.

HMS Group paid EUR 25 mn for 75% of the share capital. The transaction has been financed with 2-year bank credit facility. On the completion of the transaction estimated Net debt to EBITDA (LTM) ratio of HMS Group stood at around 2.0 that is well below internal covenant set at 2.5.

The main products of Apollo Goessnitz GmbH (Apollo) are customized centrifugal pumps, related spare parts and integrated pump-based systems that comply with API (American Petroleum Institute) and DIN (German Industrial Standards), which are primarily used in oil and gas sector, both for offshore and onshore applications, in thermal power generation as well as other industries.

See previous press releases regarding the transaction dated July 20, 2012:

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Apollo Goessnitz is the manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and system equipment used in oil refining, gas processing, chemical and petrochemical industries, power generation and water utilities as well as offshore production and liquid gas transportation. Production of Apollo Goessnitz is made according to API 610 (American Petroleum Institue), DIN (Deutsches Institut fuer Normung) and ISO (International Standards Organizations). Apollo has two business divisions “Pump division” (pump production and service)  and “Engineering systems division” (projecting, design and manufacture of plants for liquid fuels, process plants, plants for water supply, automation systems and electrical equipment). In 2011, Apollo Goessnitz sales were EUR 20.3 mn, net debt of EUR 1.6 mn and net profit of EUR 1.3 mn. 

HMS Group is the leading pump manufacturer and provider of flow control solutions and related services to the oil and gas, nuclear and thermal power generation and water utilities sectors in Russia and the CIS. The HMS Group’s products are mission-critical elements of projects across a diverse range of industries. It has participated in a number of large-scale infrastructure projects in Russia, including providing pumps and modular equipment to the Vankor oil field and pumping stations on recent trunk pipelines projects linking Russia’s core oil producing areas to export ports on the Pacific Ocean and Baltic Sea. The Group reported revenues of RUB 7.3 billion, adjusted EBITDA of RUB 1.4 billion and profit of RUB 485 million for the 3 months ended March 31, 2012. The HMS Group’s global depositary receipts (“GDRs”) are listed under the symbol “HMSG” on the London Stock Exchange. 

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