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Statement by HMS Group’s CEO Artem V. Molchanov,<br /> CFO Kirill V. Molchanov and Director Yury N. Skrynnik

HMS Hydraulic Machines & Systems Group Plc (the “Company”) (LSE: HMSG) has announced that its shareholder, German A. Tsoy, and his holding company, Acura Global Limited (BVI), (the “Plaintiffs”) have launched a derivative action before the District Court of Nicosia, Cyprus, against Vladimir Vladimirovich Lukyanenko, Yury N. Skrynnik, and their holding company, Skye Commercial Corporation (BVI), as well as Artem V. Molchanov, Kirill V. Molchanov, and their holding company, Orion Production Limited (BVI), and also Vladimir Matveevich Lukyanenko (the “Defendants”).

The Plaintiffs, as minority shareholders of the Company and its majority shareholder, H.M.S. Technologies Limited (“HMST”), claim damages from the Defendants for losses allegedly sustained by the Company and HMST as result of the Defendants’ alleged actions.

We believe that this derivative action is groundless and unequivocally reject the Plaintiffs’ claims and allegations advanced against us.

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