HMS Group 2016 FY Dividends

Moscow, Russia – June 26, 2017 - HMS Group (LSE: HMSG) announces today that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on June 20, 2017 approved the payment of dividends in respect of the financial year of 2016 in the amount of 5.12 rubles per ordinary share, i.e. 25.60 rubles per one global depositary receipt (the “GDR”).

HMS Group will pay dividends on June 27, 2017 to shareholders of the Company’s register at close of business (UK time) on June 9, 2017 (the “Record date”).

Shareholders will receive dividends exclusive only of the annual Depositary Service Fee of US$ 0.01 per GDR collected by the Depositary. The Depositary will not collect a dividend fee for the distribution of the dividends payable as HMS Group made a voluntary decision to pay the dividend fees on behalf of GDR holders.

Total dividends for the 2016 financial year amount to 8.53 rubles per ordinary share (42.65 rubles per GDR) implying a 9.7 percent dividend yield. Total dividends include the interim dividend of 3.41 rubles paid in January 2017 and the final dividend of 5.12 rubles to be paid on June 27, 2017.

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About HMS Group
HMS Group is the leading pump and compressor manufacturer, as well as the provider of flow control solutions and related services for the oil and gas, petrochemistry, nuclear and thermal power generation, water and wastewater sectors in Russia and the CIS headquartered in Moscow, Russia. HMS Group’s products are mission-critical elements of projects across a diverse range of industries. HMS has a listing on the London Stock Exchange in the form of global depositary receipts (LSE: HMSG).

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