HMS wins US$36 million oil and gas contract ("World Pumps" magazine).

The contracts involve a delivery of centrifugal pumps on Vankor field and two main pumping stations for a 547 k m oil pipeline. The Group's engineering division will also provide construction and installation of the pumping stations on the location.

Vankor is one of the ten largest fields in the world with confirmed oil reserves totaling 400 million tons and reserves of gas of more than 100 billion m3. Vankor's oil will be the main resource base for the oil-pipeline system Eastern Siberia – the Pacific ocean (ESPO) that is currently being under construction. The pipeline will make it possible to transport oil from oilfields in Eastern Siberia to Asian markets. In 2009, after construction, the oil input into the pipeline from the Vankor field will equal 25 million tons a year.