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Pumps for Nuclear Power

The main product range of the pumping equipment for normal and safe operation of the nuclear power plants is manufactured by the HMS Group companies Nasosenergomash and                     HMS Livgidromash:

Pumps for Thermal Power

The HMS Group companies manufacture the pumps for all processes of thermal power:

Compressors for Thermal Power

Design, manufacturing, and complex supplies of compressors and compressor systems for combined heat power plants and thermal power plants are performed by the companies of HMS Group: Kazancompressormash and NIIturbokompressor.

  • Centrifugal compressor systems
  • Rotary screw compressor systems

Measuring equipment

Company Sibnefteavtomatika of HMS Group manufactures the following measuring equipment for the energy sector companies:

  • Controllers
  • Gas flow meters
  • Gas consumption calculation units
  • Steam meters
  • Water consumption meters
  • Heat energy meters
  • Cold and hot water flow meters