Pumps and pumping units

Pumps and pumping units by HMS Group are used by many oil production, transportation and processing companies.

Oil production
Progressing cavity pumps VNO, EVNOP, EVN, EVN5, 2EVN5 (HMS Livgidromash) Oil and petroleum products transportation

Processes of oil refining, petroleum chemistry, and chemical industry

Compressors and compressor systems

Kazancompressormash, one of the leading Russian compressor manufacturing companies produces a wide range of compressor equipment for practically any industrial gases including toxic, explosive and corrosive ones: Skid mounted and modular oilfield equipment
Company HMS Neftemash is a major manufacturer of the skid-mounted and modular equipment in form of aggregates, blocks, boxes, modules, and super-modules ready for transportation by any method to the site of operation:
  • Formation pressure maintenance systems (block cluster pumping stations)
  • Oil transfer stations
  • Oil, gas, associated petroleum gas, and water treatment equipment
  • Chemicals dosing units
  • Water cleaning systems
  • Oil well gauging equipment including three-phase measuring units
  • Firefighting equipment
Oilfield equipment

Tanks, vessels and reservoirs
Companies of HMS Group (Dimitrovgradkhimmash, HMS Neftemash and Sibneftemash manufacture and supply a wide range of tanks, pressurized vessels, and reservoirs:
    • Horizontal and vertical tanks
    • Drainage tanks
    • Settling tanks
    • Air collectors
    • Oil and gas separators
      • Three-phase separators
      • Gas separators
      • Flare separators
      • Electric dehydrators
Measuring equipment

Company Sibnefteavtomatika manufactures the following measuring equipment:
  • Stationary and mobile measuring units (with and without separation)
  • Oil and petroleum products quality measuring units
  • Oil and gas fiscal metering stations
  • Water, gas, and gas-liquid mixtures flow meters