Process modules for Vankor field (Russia)

Process Modules for Vankor fieldProcess Modules for Vankor field

The Vankor field is one of the largest oil and gas fields (with area of about 416.5 square kilometers) in Russia, located in the northern part of the Eastern Siberia. The field is developed by Vankorneft, a subsidiary company of Rosneft.

Customer Vankorneft (Rosneft)
Scope of works Engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation supervision, commissioning
Scope of supply 12 process modules of the frame-panel type
Technical Data The process module is a building of 40х16х12 meters equipped with various pumping systems, heat exchangers, measuring and auxiliary equipment
Features & advantages
  • A high degree of prefabrication of each module facilitated significantly the equipment installation and reduced the commissioning time by 30-40%
  • All the modules passed a control assembling/disassembling at the factory before shipment
  • The modules were equipped with pumps of increased operational lifetime up to 30 years with a warranty period extended up to 4 years
Project duration 2009-2012