Complete Compressor Station For Yuzhno-Balykskiy Gas Processing Plant

Yuzhno-Balykskiy Gas Processing Plant.png

The Yuzhno-Balykskiy gas processing plant (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District) – is one the main
enterprises of SiburTyumenGaz (SIBUR) of associated petroleum gas processing.

Customer SiburTyumenGaz
Scope of works Engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation supervision, commissioning
Scope of supply
  • 3 gas compression systems based on 66GC-1162/1.3-38 centrifugal compressor driven by a 16MW gas turbine
  • Skid-mounted equipment on turn-key conditions
Technical data of a single gas compression system
  • Capacity: 700 million Nm3/year
  • Suction pressure: 1.3 bar
  • Discharge pressure: 38 bar
  • Drive power: 16MW 
  • Gas turbine drive type: NK 16 - STD
Compression of low pressure associated petroleum gas and gaseous mixture after oil separation for further processing
Design features
  • Double-section casing
  • "Dry" split ring seals with floating carbon rings as the rotor end seals
Solutions features
  • High degree of prefabrication of the copmpressor station blocks
  • Minimal installation works due to a modular design
  • Compression of a wide range of associated petroleum gas composition
  • Full responsibility of a sole supplier 
Commissioning 2012