Complete gas compression system for Yuzhno-Baliksky gas processing plant

Yuzhno-Balykskiy Gas Processing Plant.png
Customer SiburTyumenGaz
Scope of works Engineering, manufacturing, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning supervision
Scope of supply Complete turbine driven gas compression system 4GC2-242/12-80 GTU
Technical data
  • Capacity: 489 million Nm3/year
  • Suction pressure: 12 bar
  • Discharge pressure: 80 bar
  • Gas turbine drive power: 18,000 kW
Application Compression of a dry stripped gas and its supply to low temperature condensation and rectification unit and further to a trunk gas pipeline
Design advantages
  • High efficiency due to single-casing design of compression stages
  • Dry gas seals provide complete purity of compressed gas and prevent its leakage into compressor room
  • Surge protection systems with bypass valves
  • Duplicated lube oil air cooling units
Solutions features
  • Supplied as completely prefabricated and factory-assembled units ready for transportation
  • Minimal scope of installation works due to skid-mounted design 
Equipment supply 2016