Main pumping station for water supply system (Turkmenistan)


The station is a base of the new water supply system in Turkmenistan

Customer Ministry of Water resources of Turkmenistan
Scope of works
  • Project engineering
  • Equipment manufacturing and factory testing
  • Complex supply of equipment and auxiliary systems
  • Turnkey construction
  • Site installation and commissioning
  • Staff training
Supplied equipment
  • 12 main pumping units, each of 3.5 m3/sec capacity
  • Auxiliary pumping units
  • DN 1000-1200 pipelines with accessories
  • Main pumps vacuum filling system
  • Power supply system providing group soft-start for electric motors of the main pumps
Features The station is located in area with seismicity of up to 8 by МSК-64
The station provides reliable water supply for 31,000 hectares of irrigated croplands, potash and cement plants, and numerous residential areas
Launch into operation January 2011