Pumping equipment for Rostov NPP (Russia)

Pumps for Rostov Nuclear Power PlantPumps for Rostov Nuclear Power Plant

Rostov Nuclear Power Plant with its 2000 MW power capacity is one of the largest power stations in the South of Russia supplying around 15% of annual power generation in the region.

Customer «Rosenergoatom»
Scope of works Equipment design, manufacturing, and procurement for the power-generating unit № 2 of Rostov Nuclear Power Plant
Scope of supply
  • Feed pumps PTA 3750-75, PTA 3800-20
  • Condensate pumping units KsVA 650-135, KsVA 630-125, KsVA 360-160, KsVA 200-220, АКs 50-110
  • Pumping units ACNA 4000-95 for auxiliary systems
  • Pumping units ACNA 150-110 for reactor shut-down cooling system
Solution features
  • The equipment was developed in compliance with the original technical specification of NIAEP (Nizhniy Novgorod Engineering Company «Atomenergoproekt»)
  • All equipment was produced in compliance with the nuclear energy regulations and standards
  • Critical safety equipment was manufactured under quality control by a regulator according to the special Russian standard NP 071-06
Commissioning 2010