Pumping equipment for Krasnodar CHPP (Russia)

SE 2500-180-25PE 315-140
PE 65-40-1KsV 320-160-3

Krasnodar Combined Heat and Power station with 743 MW capacity is the main power plant in Krasnodar region supplying energy and heat to Krasnodar city and surrounding areas.

Customer E4 Group for LUKOIL-Kubanenergo
Scope of works Engineering, manufacturing and procurement of the pumping units
Scope of supply Customized pumping units:
  • PE 315-140 high pressure feed pumps (1-operating, 1 -standby) with VOITH couplings
  • PE 65-40-1 medium pressure feed pumps (1-operating, 1 -standby) with variable speed drive
  • KsV-320-160-3 main condensate extraction pumps (3 units)
  • KsV-320-160-3 condensate extraction pumps for heaters (3 units)
  • Ks 80-155-6 condensate extraction pumps for peak boilers (4 units)
  • SE 2500-60-8 circulating pumps for a 1 stage with variable speed drive (3 units)
  • SE 2500-180-25 circulating pumps for a 2 stage with variable speed drive (3 units)
  • D 2500-62-2 cooling water pumps (2 units)
  • Other pumps for auxiliary processes (9 units)
Design features
  • Heightened efficiency and reliability of PE 315-140 high pressure feed pumps due to optimized flow parts
  • Efficient operation of pumps in various modes due to VOITH couplings
  • High energy efficiency and low reactive current consumption by applying variable speed drives (with frequency converters)
  • Seismic resistance up to 8 points on a МSК-64 scale for all pumps
Solution features
  • Increased capacity by 50% of the power station
  • Reduced by 25% fuel consumption
  • High reliability and efficiency without increasing the impact on environment
Project duration 2010-2011