The authorized share capital of HMS HYDRAULIC MACHINES & SYSTEMS GROUP PLC is 1,207,058.82 Euro divided into 120,705,882 shares of 0.01 Euro each and the issued share capital of HMS HYDRAULIC MACHINES & SYSTEMS GROUP PLC is 1,171,634.27 Euro divided into 117,163,427 shares of 0.01 Euro each.

FSA in its capacity as competent authority under the FSMA approved the admission of up to 200,000,000 GDRs, consisting of 43,640,000 GDRs issued during IPO process and up to 151,996,000 GDRs to be issued from time to time against the deposit of Ordinary Shares with The Bank of New York Mellon (the "Depositary"), to the official list maintained by the FSA and to the regulated market of the London Stock Exchange plc (the "London Stock Exchange") for admission of the GDRs to trading under the symbol "HMSG".

In February 2016, the ratio of HMS’ depositary receipts program was changed from 1:1 to 1:5. According to the “new” ratio, 1 depositary receipt became equal to 5 ordinary shares, and on February 8, 2016, HMS Group’s shareholders received 1 “new” GDR for every 5 “old” GDRs. Only whole depositary receipts were distributed and, in effecting this, “old” receipts were rounded down, fractional receipts were sold on the market and the cash proceeds were distributed to the depositary receipts holders. The issued number of ordinary shares and their nominal value stayed unchanged.

Current number of GDRs is 9,600,800 where 872 800 are “green-shoe” GDRs and 8,728,000 are outstanding.

Information on HMS Group Plc GDRs:

CUSIPRegS: 40425X407
144A: 40425X308
Exchange London Stock Exchange
ISIN RegS: US40425X4079
144A: US40425X3089
Ratio, GDR : common shares1:5
Effective Date Feb 11, 2011
Underlying ISINCY0104230913
Underlying CFIESVUFR
Depositary bankBNY Melon

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