Livnynasos focuses on submersible centrifugal ECV-type pumps production used in municipal, industrial, rural and household water supply as well as for irrigation and groundwater control.

Livnynasos (Livny, Oryol Region) was established in 1970 and has been a part of the HMS Group since 2005.

Their existing research and production capacities allow them to consistently improve their products, generate and integrate new pump prototypes and meet the strictest requirements.

At the present time Livnynasos has developed more than 700 standard sizes of submersible centrifugal ECV-type pumps. They also make households centrifugal submersible electric driven pumps intended for getting water out of the wells with diameter over 100 mm and open reservoirs.

Livnynasos produces control and protection stations equipped with electric engine or separately. Stations are designed for automatic remote and local pump control and protect electric motors from the open-phase operation mode, over current and short circuits.

Livnynasos is the modern plant with a wide range of water well submersible ECV-type pumps with impellers and casing made of stainless steel.

The plant carries out repairs of the equipment produced.

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