Promburvod (Minsk, Belarus)

Promburvod produces electric driven submersible pumps for water supply, utilities and environment.

Promburvod was founded in 1927 and joined the HMS Group in 2008.

The leading position in the product range is given to water well electric driven submersible ECV-type pumps. They are intended for use in municipal, industrial, rural and household water supply as well as for irrigation and groundwater regulation.

They also makes booster pumps for hot and cold water supply pressure regulation, household pumps (including manual and portable sewage pumps), electric driven pumping units control and protection systems, drilling equipment for water wells.

Promburvod has got all necessary facilities for the high quality pumps production: metal working production with modern ultra-precise equipment, the testing laboratory and a test bench.

The products are delivered to the markets of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Baltic region.

Promburvod carries out electric driven submersible pumps overhaul for all standard sizes produced by the HMS Group.

The ECV-type pumps made by Promburvod are tested in certified laboratory in compliance with requirements STB ISO/MEK 17025.

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