HMS Neftemash

HMS Neftemash (Tyumen) manufactures a wide range of skid-mounted modular equipment for oil & gas.

The company was established in 1965 and became a part of the HMS Group in 2005.

HMS Neftemash makes over 50 types of modular devices including:

  • Cluster pumping stations and equipment for water injection systems;
  • Group automatic measuring units for oil well gauging metering;
  • Stations for hydraulic drives of submersible well pumps and underground oil extraction equipment;
  • Oil pumping stations;
  • Associated gas processing skids, water treatment units, boiler rooms, control centers, industrial and household containers and many others.

The company is equipped with modern facilities, extensive R &D centre with testing and measuring equipment.

HMS Neftemash applies the computerized technological processes development and control system.

Their highly qualified professionals carry out installation supervision and commissioning, warranty and after-warranty servicing, effective customer’s staff training.

HMS Neftemash actively cooperates with leading R & D institutes as Giprotyumenneftegaz, SurgutNIPIneft, TomskNIPIneft, NizhnevartovskNIPIneft at the new oilfields development stage and reconstruction of the existing ones.

The HMS Neftemash products are widely used in all operating oilfields of Tyumen region and other Russian regions such as Tomsk, Orenburg, Perm, Arkhangelsk regions, Republic of Komi and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Krasnoyarsk territory, Kazakhstan.

The quality management system conforms to ISO 9001. 

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