Nizhnevartovskremservice (NRS) is an oil service company with activities as pumping, drilling and other oilfield equipment repair, maintenance and upgrade in the Khantymansiysk autonomous district.

Nizhnevartovskremservice (Nizhnevartovsk, Khantymansiysk autonomous district) was founded in 1998 and has been a part of the HMS Group since 2006.

They have got all necessary licenses to carry out the industrial safety expert review, the measuring instrument repairs and oilfield products certificates of conformance.

Nizhnevartovskremservice is equipped with modern facilities including laboratory and measuring equipment to carry out complex tests on-site.

NRS operates in the Khantymansiysk autonomous district and on the customers’ premises in case of maintenance. Their specialists are on constant duty on the two complex processing facilities and two booster pumping stations of the Samotlor oilfield, 70 km away from Nizhnevartovsk.

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