Kazancompressormash (Kazan) specializes in compressor manufacturing for various industries: centrifugal, screw compressors and systems for air and various gases; compressor stations; refrigerators.

The plant was founded in 1951. They have been a part of the HMS Group since 2012.

Today Kazancompressormash is one of the largest enterprises in Russia manufacturing centrifugal, screw, volute compressors and units.

The plant issues compressors practically for all used industrial gases: air, oxygen, natural and associated oil gases, ammonia, freon, chlorine, helium, etc.

Compressors of Kazancompressormash are operating successfully in metallurgical, chemical, oil, gas, mining, food and other industries.

They are delivered to more than 30 countries – Poland, Bulgaria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, China, India, USA, countries of CIS and other countries.

The Kazancompressormash quality management system conforms to international standard ISO 9001. 

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