Social responsibility

We strive to comply with the best social responsibility practice and stable development by gradual structural interaction with all stakeholders including employees, their families, communities, state and society.

From the first days of operations the Group considers business interests tied up with social and ethic norms and understands that employees are the main asset and key to success.

Our corporate social responsibility and stable development policy is based on the following core principles:

  • Providing favorable working and health protection environment for employees;
  • Fair motivation to ensure reasonable remuneration for employees;
  • Personnel training and development for professional growth and fulfillment of staff potential;
  • Offering comfortable recreation and development environment for employees and their families in their off-duty hours;
  • Corporate culture establishment and adherence to the interests of the Company;
  • Lowering the impact on environment;
  • Cooperation with local communities for many of them the companies of the group act as the major taxpayers;
  • Transparent and efficient relationships with customers, suppliers and contractors;
  • Strict abidance by the legislation of the Russian Federation and other countries where the Group operates.