HMS Group will take part in International Conference on Construction of Atomic Power Station in Bulgaria (June 14-20, 2010)

HMS Group JSC will take part in the International Conference “New Reactor Types. Equipment Selection Bidding, Process of Atomic Power Plant Construction”. The activity will be held in Bulgaria on June 14-20, 2010, in the Energetics Institute in Velengrad. The conference organizers are the International Business Association “Interatomenergo” (Russia) jointly with JSC “Nuclear Energy Institute” (Bulgaria) and Atomic Power Plant “Kozloduy” (Bulgaria).

At the conference the floor will be given to the Head of Atomic Power Station Equipment Department of Gidromashservice JSC Alexander Mikhailovich Zaltsman who will talk on “Problems of equipping active and new power generating units with pumps. Integration of pumping equipment produced by foreign manufacturers offered for supplying atomic power stations in accordance with the projects of the Russian Federation”.

Zaltsman’s report will cover special terms of delivery of pumping equipment to atomic power plants constructed and under construction in accordance with the Russian projects of atomic power plants, requirements for new pump aggregates under elaboration, for technological processes of pumping equipment production, etc.

In the report a special emphasis will be made on integration of foreign pumping equipment in the Russian projects and importance of compliance of this equipment with standards and regulations set in the atomic sector of Russia.

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