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Rebranding of HMS Group’s key enterprises

26, August, 2010 the HMS Group’s enterprises Livgidromash and Neftemash were renamed. Now they are called HMS Pumps and HMS Neftemash correspondingly.  Alteration of enterprises’ names was carried out  in the frame of the first stage of HMS Group’s restructure program implemented according to approved in 2009 company’s development strategy up to 2015.

Restructure entails rebranding of HMS Group’s key enterprises, on their base following consolidation of the Group’s production, sale and engineering assets with the purpose to create specializing business units in such directions as pump production and oil&gas technological equipment production.

The business units’ foundation in HMS Group is aimed to receive synergy effect to increase each business directions’ controllability and reduce transaction costs. It gives the Group additional opportunities for production activities integration and further improvement of the products and services for efficient customer task solutions.

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