Hydromashservice will supply upgraded pumps of СNS type for Bashkortostan oil fields

The united trading company of HMS Group – Hydromashservice JSC – has been approved as the supplier of three pumping aggregates CNS 180-1050-2IT for construction of water injection stations at oil fields in the Bebelevskiy Area of the Republic of Bashkortostan and two pumping aggregates CNS 63-1800-2IT for their usage in the course of reconstruction of the water injection station of the Kushkulskoye Oil Field in this republic.


Centrifugal sectional pumping units CNS 180-1050-2IT and TsNS 63-1800-2IT in corrosion-proof design are manufactured by HMS Group with regard to the years-long experience of supplying and operating the pumps of this category.


Basic advantages of the pumps CNS 180-1050-2IT and CNS 63-1800-2IT are the following:


·      The performance coefficient exceeds that of previously manufacture models by 2-4% due to the geometrical arrangement optimization of the liquid end and production technology improvement. For example, the performance coefficient of the pump 180-1050-IT2 amounts to at least 74%.

·      The pumps’ operation life has been significantly increased due to usage of new corrosion- and wear-resistant alloying materials when manufacturing the impeller wheels.


·      The general vibration activity of the pump has been reduced due to almost complete removal of the blade component of the vibration by means of the optimum balance of blades of the wheel and the pump diffuser.

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