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HMS Pumps has manufactured new two-screw pumps for Naftan

The Livny branch of Hydromashservice JSC has entered into contract with Naftan JSC (Belarus) for supply of 18 units of electric pump aggregates of 2VV and 2VG category, manufactured by HMS Pumps (known as Livgidromash before 26.08.2010). The two-screw pump aggregates are designated for pumping heavy oil products and are equipped with variable speed drives.


The delivery set includes a lot of new pumps 2VV 400/20 developed in 2009 in the course of expansion of the size range of two-screw pumps. Currently, the pumps 2VV 400/20 are successfully operated at the enterprises of Antipinskiy Oil Refinery and Mariyskiy Oil Refinery.


The main competitive advantage of two-screw pumps manufactured by HMS Pumps is their high reliability when pumping oil products having mechanical admixtures.

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