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HMS Group provides integrated servicing of TNK-BP oil production facilities

Nizhnevartovskremservice, a member of HMS Group, won the tender and entered into contracts for integrated servicing of oil processing and pumping systems and reservoir pressure maintenance systems with Samotlorneftegaz OJSC and TNK-Nizhnevartovsk OJSC – major subsidiaries of TNK-BP.


The terms of the contracts provide that technical work shall be performed within a year including maintenance and current repairs at the facilities of Samotlorneftegaz and TNK-Nizhnevartovsk, which include 36 facilities for oil processing and pumping and 44 facilities for reservoir pressure maintenance.


Nizhnevartovskremservice has a long-term experience in cooperation with oil production facilities of TNK-BP. It has been providing maintenance and repairs of oilfield and drilling equipment. One of the essential areas of this cooperation is modernization of centrifugal pumps of the reservoir pressure maintenance systems. From 2007 up to now, over 100 centrifugal pumps for reservoir pressure maintenance systems have been modernized.


Reference: Nizhnevartovskremservice (NRS) specializes in major repairs and services related to major repairs and maintenance of oilfield and drilling equipment, manufacture of technical packaged equipment for oil production, services of non-destructive test laboratories, research of physical and chemical properties of metals, diagnostic and extension of life cycle of various technical devices, repairs of hoisting machines.

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