HMS Group will take part in international oil-and-gas exhibition Basra Oil and Gas 2010 (Iraq, November 25-28)

HMS Group will take part in the International Oil-and-Gas Exhibition Basra Oil and Gas 2010 which will be held for the first time in the most famous oil & gas-bearing region of Iraq on November 25-28, 2010 in the international Exhibition Centre, Basra.

At the exhibition in Basra the representatives of the united trading company of the Group Hydromashservice will present capacities and potential of HMS Group as supplier of complex solutions for oil industry, the company that carries out all types of work from equipment engineering and delivery to turnkey construction of a facility and its maintenance.

The main offer of HMS Group for the oil-and-gas industry of Iraq is efficient solutions for water supply to oil beds for formation-pressure maintenance in oil fields.

HMS Group has a large experience of work in Iraq. The  trading company of the Group Hydromashservice started its operations in this country before the war. Within the framework of the UNО humanitarian program the company implemented 102 contracts (for the period 1997-2003). Work in Iraq continued in the postwar period and is currently carried on.  Hydromashservice cooperates with the Oil Ministry as well as Water Resources Ministry of Iraq.


Since 1999 the representative office of Hydromashservice has been working in Bagdad. It provides real-time cooperation with clients. It is planned to open a branch of the representative office in Basra by the end of 2010.

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