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HMS Group will take part in International Forum Atomex 2010 (Moscow, November 30 – December 1)

HMS Group will take part in the International Forum of atomic industry suppliers Atomex 2010 which will be held from November 30 to December 1, 2010 in the International Trade Centre, Moscow.

At the HMS Group’s exhibition stand equipment for all nuclear power plant manufacturing systems will be displayed: feed pumps, condensate pumps, pumps for safety systems, pumps for grease supply systems, pumps for utility systems.

Engineering, production and testing of pumping equipment for nuclear power plants are carried out at the Group’s companies: VNIIAEN,Nasosenergomash and HMS Pumps (before 26.08.10 called Livgidromash). The HMS Group’s testing complex is characterised by high performance characteristics  as compared with other similar complexes; it enables pumping equipment to be tested with drive power of 14 MW. For the last three years Nasosenergomash in cooperation with VNIIAEN has mastered 9 new models of high-performance nuclear power plant pumping equipment.

The Group has a large experience of supplies and start-up of pumping equipment at Russian and foreign nuclear power plants. Currently in Russia HMS Group is manufacturing and delivering pump units to numerous nuclear power plants under construction, participating actively in updating and refitting of pumping equipment of the active nuclear power plants. Year by year models of new products for pressurised water reactor units with power of 1000 and 1200 MW are mastered. Thus, main feed-water pumps of PEA 1840 type of a new generation have been engineered and are produced for Novovoronezhskaya nuclear power plant-2 and Leningradskaya nuclear power plant-2. New feed-water pumps of ПЭА 1840 type have high technical and economic characteristics and reliability indices, comply with modern requirements of safety standards, have elevated noise protection and are installed on a vibration-isolating platform. Nasosenergomash is engaged in packaged delivery of the main feed turbine set and other condensate-feed pumps.

HMS Group continues developing cooperation with foreign partners in the sphere of supplies of pumps for nuclear power plants. Currently dynamic work is carried out in the markets of India and China.

Within the framework of the Forum Atomex 2010 representatives of Nasosenergomash and Gidromashservice will work at the HMS Group’s exposition providing necessary information on specifications, operating experience and terms of delivery of products.

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